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Renovation Starts Here

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So much going on over here at our home, that I just had to share. Nothing pretty to look at yet, but they are here hammering away and I can see all the plans in my head. Some have asked me to see the plans on paper, but there really aren't any. The contractor, Tim and I can both see it unfolding, so we just work that way.

So here are some before photos...

To get the full vision, this was our kitchen when we moved in 4 years ago. Straight from the 80's, scalloped cabinetry, white countertops.

It wasn't long before I painted the cabinets, Opened up some cabinetry, and did some other updates. I even painted the countertops at one point.... (I don't recommend that DIY project!) 

So here is how it has been for a few years now. Knowing one day we would eventually renovate it, it worked. It functioned well, just wasn't very pretty to look at. 

In the kitchen, There was also a wall to the left of this pic above that blocked all of the sunlight and really separated the home. We knew we wanted to knock that down as well, but it was our main load-bearing wall (meaning it held up our second floor) and also had all of our HVAC running through it. So, it was a huge job that needed to be done WITH the kitchen renovation. 

Here is the other side of that wall. Our living room/fireplace area. 

Fast forward to today. We are knee deep in our renovation. We are renovating our kitchen as well as turning our garage into living space. Our home is small (I say that with nothing but love for that attribute. I want to keep it small and everyone together as much as possible! I like to call it my cottage.) and we wanted/needed a mudroom for all the kids JUNK and a guest bathroom. We decided to turn our garage into those areas and a small TV room.

Here is how we are living today... the wall is GONE!

The garage... well it's a work in progress! 

And just to keep it real, this is a before and during of the dining room... Every room in the house is in complete disarray, but I have learned to just embrace this journey because it's a fun one.... :) :) 

Thanks for checking in.... I'll update again soon as the renovation continues :) 

Have a great one!

xoxo, Heather