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New Kitchen Table... made Old!

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We had to take advantage of one of the ONLY weekends in our entire calendar with no sports... and boy, did we! We have made over a kitchen table and are now working on building a new coffee table. We don't mess around!

A friend of mine advertised a kitchen table and chairs (THANKS KIMBERLY!!) that she was replacing on Facebook for FREE. My comment to her was "Are you serious?" first... and then "I will gladly take it and come pick it up". Many of you don't know my love for all things home...... but being on a budget sometimes cramps my ability to just go buy something new when I want it. Years ago, my husband built a table for our kitchen banquette, but as the kids have grown, our table seems to be shrinking. So, a new table was on our list of "needs" but just not at the top anytime soon. So a FREE table was a blessing! Here she is before (in my friend's beautiful kitchen)

The table is REALLY heavy and well-made! It also happens to be the PERFECT size for what I needed :)

So, after we wrestled it into the truck, somehow got it out and hid it in the garage, surprised (ok, horrified) my husband with another piece of furniture when he got home from work... we decided to give it a new life and a few changes to fit our home. 

I wanted to make the top look old. Our home is what some may call rustic, cottage, or maybe farmhouse style. I love OLD things and I ADORE the character of old wood. 

We started out by sanding the table top. (Don't ask why I am wearing a scarf and sanding a table-I literally couldnt wait to get started!) :) And the garage mess.... that's a whole different story! 

After sanding it, we got to work making it "old". This is the best part of our style. There isn't a piece of furniture in our home that could get "messed" up. We have young children and I just can't worry everyday about dings, scratches, and things like that. So.... go at it kids! We gave them golf clubs to "beat the table" with and they had a lot of fun. These are the looks of determination!


Next, Came staining... 

We used a mix of Weathered Gray Stain and Dark Walnut to achieve the look we were hoping for. 

  And, here she is.... In her new home! We LOVE our new kitchen table. It's just what we wanted and fits in perfectly! :) 

We still have the bench to redo to match and I am trying to decide if I should make the table a little darker but overall, we are thrilled with the outcome!

What do you think? Now, I'm back to helping with the coffee table! I'll share that too when we are finished... :) 

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to you and your family! Whatever you celebrate, I hope this day brings Joy and Togetherness with you and your family! :)