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My Happy Place..

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A few years ago, we transformed a yucky, outdated screened-in porch (we called it the bug room because more bugs were in then out!) into our Sunroom/Dining Room area. This gave us a ton of living space AND a place to host holidays and entertain. 

Here is some before pics...

Here's what we did...

-We used the existing roof and layout, but added windows and french doors.

-We lifted the ceiling and made it a vaulted ceiling...then added faux wood beams and lighting.

-The floor was decking so we closed it in from the bottom and added hardwood floors over top.

-Added Heating and AC unit.

-Insulated the walls and used Barn Siding instead of drywall. I wanted the shiplap feel and the barn siding was PERFECT!

-And of course, bought new furniture and accessories. :) THE FUN PART!



Here is the other side of the room:

This was a huge project as they all are bigger than we imagine.... but we were able to do all of the interior work ourselves. It is truly my HAPPY PLACE!!! I love to sip coffee and relax in the morning.... AND MOST OF ALL, I love that we have room to entertain our families...

Until Next Time,