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It's here!!!

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Hey Friends!!!

I am so excited to say that we have started a blog to go along with our new website! It was in the plans all along as we worked to get the new website up and running (yay!)  Some of you have googled to find the boutique and already stumbled upon my oldest SN9 baby. Our home decorating blog. ( Actually, I'm not even sure we can put it in that category.

A few years ago, we moved into our sweet little cape cod and started knocking through home projects. My husband and I LOVE a great DIY project and making this home our own. At some point, I decided to start documenting our progress. Just for fun... mostly to have a way to look back at our before and afters. 

Along the way, SN9 boutique was born and to say we have been a bit busy makes me chuckle. But, we are back and although we haven't documented much recently, we have definitely kept the projects going.

So, who is in? Will you follow along with me? Through life as a mom with 3 crazy, adorable, busy, athletic kids. Someone who often skips meals and sleep?? Someone who loves everything that involves fashion, great deals, God, home decorating, DIY projects, vintage finds, yard sale hunting, and traveling?? Sound crazy? PROBABLY!! But we can have fun TOGETHER! :) 

Some posts may be about fashion. Some about home. Some random (you all know me by now, right?) :) I won't promise perfect punctuation and grammar and I can't promise a post everyday.  But we will post as often as we can and feel free to follow as YOU can! 

If you would like to check out some of our old posts and projects from a few years ago, please do at Excited about another adventure together :) :) 



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