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Coffee Table!!!

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Hey! :) Let me first say that my husband is Ah-MAZING! He spent the weekend helping me build/restore two new pieces when he probably would have rather been doing much needed yard work....or pretty much ANYTHING other than building furniture.

We had a coffee table several months ago but decided to give it away to some friends that were in need of furniture. You can read about that one here . To say that one served us well is an understatement. I think we got our $5 worth :)


Recently, I have been thinking about getting a new coffee table but was unsure of what I wanted exactly. My husband built our previous kitchen table out of old reclaimed wood that we had purchased. It meant a lot to us so now that the table was unused out in the garage, we knew it was a perfect way to get started making a new table.

I have been crushing on the "metal" and wood look. It's rustic but can be chic and with the right feminine details, is just perfect for us. 

I love the Restoration Hardware table like this....but the $1100 price tag just isn't happening.

Photo from

I also LOVED this table from Pottery Barn with it's thick wood top and legs:

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So.... I decided I wanted to combine both looks... 

We started by sanding the top of our old kitchen table (sounds easy, but many hours later, we can tell you- IT IS NOT!) and cutting off 7 inches to make it fit the size we were hoping for (you can see the old color on the end here)

We also played with many combinations of two different stains (weathered grey and dark walnut) and serveral rounds of re-sanding to get the right wood tone we were hoping for. 

My husband built a solid frame for the bottom of the table out of 2x2's that we bought at the hardware store. 

We spray painted it with Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze to give it that "metal" not quite black look we were hoping for...

Then, we attached the top to the base and here she is....all pretty and perfect! I am SLIGHTLY OBSESSED with this DIY project and table.... There is something about a piece in your home that no one else has, that you worked on together with someone you love, and that turned out to be a favorite. <3

One of my favorite parts of the table is this.... I painted it on there years ago with our anniversary year and it only get's better everytime we sand it and use this piece of wood for something different. :)

That's It! Total Spend-$40.

Until next time... :)